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Cesar Torres

( `sē-zər ) — he/him


Cesar Torres is pursuing a master's degree in the Dramatic Arts from Harvard University. Currently on his second year, he has studied acting, writing, and directing, with a particular interest in television and film.

As a bilingual, bisexual, first-generation Mexican-American from Texas, he is interested in creating and telling stories about those liminal spaces he occupies and has occupied. In his work, he seeks to center: Latine, queer, and otherwise marginalized heroes.


Cesar is also a founding partner and creative director at Studiohouse, a design consultancy based in New York City, where he lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

While previously living in San Francisco, he served as Chief Creative for General Motors’ mobility division and as the Design Director of Sidecar, the first peer-to-peer ridesharing network. In 2008, he helped to pioneer the concept of coworking by opening Conjunctured — the first coworking space in Austin — soon after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with (no joke) a B.S. in Advertising.

Cesar Torres

Relevant Work


Harvard University

  • Directing, Seminar, Marcus Stern — Summer '21

  • Advanced Screenwriting, Jan Schütte — Summer '21

  • Fundamentals of Fiction, Chris Mooney — Spring '21

Writing and film samples available upon request — contact me.


Harvard University

  • Acting, Advanced, Marcus Stern — Spring '21

  • Acting, Introduction, Remo Airaldi — Fall '20

  • Vocal Production, Ashleigh Reade MFA — Fall '20

Friday Night Lights, extra — 2010


  • Equinox+: Launch campaign, New York — 2020

  • SoulCycle: At-Home workouts: five-video series, New York — 2019–2020

  • Haus: Bitter Clove campaign, New York — 2019

  • Fifth&Brannan: menswear imagery, San Francisco — 2013

Cesar Torres


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